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iPhone Home Security Enables Video Feed From Your Front Door

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Many studies conducted during 2012 told us that the most overlooked personal security areas were in our homes. We tend to spend way more time securing our smartphones and even our social networking profiles than we do protecting our homes. That’s insane when you think about it. The fact that we are not spending more time on our home security could spell disaster if the unfortunate were to happen. There are so many nifty and cost effective solutions in today’s technology infused society that overlooking this is just not an option anymore. What you can achieve with an iPhone today took several thousands of dollars just a few years ago. Maybe that is why the iPhone home security apps are becoming more and more popular.

A new device called the DoorBot connects to the iPhone in order to show you the person who is knocking on the door. Yes, it’s a simple idea, but it’s also highly effective. All you really need to do is install the DoorBot iPhone home security device as your doorbell and of course install the accompanying iPhone app. Then just hook the system up to your WiFi connection, and you’re all good to go. The DoorBot will start a video feed directly from the doorbell mounted camera right to your iPhone. That way, you will never get any freaky encounters from people who are knocking on your door with malicious intent.

DoorBot -- The Wi-Fi Enabled "Smart" Doorbell from Christie Street on Vimeo.

The DoorBot is another startup product that is looking for funding. This time around, it’s a product that could have a vital impact on your home security. Through ChristieStreet, you can buy either the DoorBot iPhone home security device for $169.00, or a DoorBot with a Lockitron for $319.00. The money will go directly to further research and development, so it’s money well spent. ChristieStreet works a little bit differently from IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. On ChristieStreet, you seem to be able to pre-order the product instead of pledging. However, the delivery is based on the same terms and will be fulfilled only when the project is successfully funded (or so I think). The way the iPhone home security app industry is taking form leads me to believe the iPhone could soon become a popular security hub from which we could control almost all of our home access, lights and electricity. Check out this video presentation of the DoorBot and be impressed. There are quite a few groundbreaking features incorporated into it.

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The fact that we are wireless home security system pet friendly not spending more time on our home security could spell disaster if the unfortunate were to happen.


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